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CoreHard Summer 2016. Anton Naumovich. Quality assurance of large C++ projects

Modern software development is a much more complex process than just regular coding. This process incudes such practices and artifacts as code reviews, continuous integration, unit testing, static code analysis, code coverage, coding standards etc. We will discuss how to integrate these process into your development cycle and what tools can be used for that in C++ universe….

CoreHard Summer 2016. Anton Semenchenko. Development and testing of Internet of things. Industry trends

The talk covers the following questions: how business trends of mobile development and Internet of things will affect technical trends of development and quality assurance. What are the possible difficulties, what skills will be necessary and what types of testing will become more popular, and what tools will become actual. Numerous examples of projects from our country that you can take part in here in Belarus and Russia, here and now….

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