The biggest C++ event, C++ Russia 2016 conference, will take place in Saint Petersburg on February 26-27. The orgainzers gathered the best talks and covered the wide variety of topics: from hardcore coroutines to enterprise mocking, from crash reports creation to reactive programming. Aside from that, we will talk about boost, discuss what’s going on with standardization of parallel programming in C++ and look at some day-to-day issues, e.g. working with C-strings.

Gor Nishanov, a lead C++ engineer from Microsoft, will open the conference. Gor will present an updated version of his talk that he gave last year at CppCon: C++ Coroutines: negative overhead abstraction.

How it will happen

The conference will host more than 20 talks divided into 3 tracks. The third track is still under construction, you still have a chance to get in touch with the organization commitee!

Talks and speakers

The geography of speakers this year is as wide as in the last one: Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Veliky Novgorod, Kirov. Apart from Gor Nishanov, several speakers will come from abroad: Hartmut Kaiser — boost contributor, a leader of HPX library development at Louisiana University, Kirk Shoop — Microsoft employee, the author of Rx.cpp library, Joel Falcou — Boost.SIMD developer, Dori Exterman — CTO at IncrediBuild.

Our community will be represented by three speakers: Anton Naumovich, Yury Yafimachau and Anton Semenchenko. You can take a look at the full program at the official website.

For students

The organizers have a special discount for students! In order to get it, you have to submit a scan of your student ID to In reply, you will get a promo code and a possibility to buy a ticket for just 2500 rub.

In addition, we have a special section for students! In this section, people will talk about working for scientific organizations in Russia and abroad. Also, there will be a Q&A section with employees representing universities of different countries. Stay tuned, we are preparing something more exciting for you!

We do our best in making the event interesting and remarkable. Please contact us if you have any comments:!

See you at the conference!