Monthly archives: December, 2015

Stephan T. Lavavej: Core C++ Lections

For those who want deepen their C++ knowledge: a set of wonderful lections devoted to С++ Core, from Stephan T. Lavavej, Visual C++ Standard Library developer at Microsoft….

Dmitry Barovik, Centre of Banking Technologies. Calculating time and money programmatically. Not a single cent lost.

The talk covers typical yet unexpected programming errors related to time and money calculations. The root cause of most of the problems “grow” back from 1985 and connected to the imperfection of the way how floating-point numbers are stored in co-processors and virtual machines (ANSI/IEEE Std 754-1985). Major part of these errors are programming language-neutral,…

Corehard Conf 2015. Anton Semenchenko, DPI.Solutions. Comparative analysis of Mock tools for C++.

We often hear about mock objects in Java, C# and other programming languages, but how things are in C++? It turns out that it’s really interesting: lots of libraries that dramatically differ from each other functionally and stilistically. How to choose the right one for your project, what criteria to use for your choice? How…

Corehard Conf 2015. Anton Naumovich, Yury Yafimachau, LogicNow. Parsing and codegeneration for C++ via clang

In enterprise programming there are a lot of routine tasks that can be solved once and forever with the help of codegeneration. The talk classifies problems applicable for codegeneration in context of C++ and offers a solution that is based on clang tools family. Real-life project examples are presented.

Corehard Conf 2015. Maksim Lyskov, EPAM Systems. Tips and tricks of RAII in C++

The talk covers resource management topic for C++. We will give a definition to the “resource” term and review built-in and self-written mechanisms of safe resoruce management in C++ for protection from exceptions thrown.

The Pilot Conference of Belarusian C++ Community, Corehard Conf 2015!

Our first conference, Corehard Conf 2015, was held on the 25th of November at SPACE place!… is on air!

Dear friends, the website of our C++ community is now on air! Stay tuned!