CoreHard Winter 2017 Conference

corehard_winter_logo_circle community is hosting a next big weekend conference on February 12th dedicated to C++ and related technologies. Speakers from the leading IT companies of Belarus, Russia and USA will gather to preset their experience in development and testing. We’ve gathered only best talks in a variety of topics: actors model and reverse engineering, reflection in C++, static analysis and linters and many more.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Yauheni Akhotnikau. Actors model and C++: what, how and why?


Actor model which is currently trending in software development is a popular design approach when it comes to complex applications. Many systems written in Erlang (Akka framework) are designed with actor model in their core. But Erlang and Akka are managed environments and safe programming languages. Is it worth using actor model in C++? If yes, where to look and what to use? What “underwater rocks” can you meet in this path? The talk will cover all these topics.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Egor Chebotarev. Oxygine.2d: Low-level cross-platform game engine for A-projects


We will discuss how to build a game for PC or a mobile device. Discuss game design patterns and C++ features relevant for game development.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Maxim Lyskov. C++ type deduction tips and tricks


The talk will try to answer the following questions: what type is behind auto, why T&& is not always rvalue and why move sometimes doesn’t move anything.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Sergey Gomon. Binary compatibility in C++


When developing in C++, it’s sometimes unclear how to interact with the outside world. These questions are not really easy to answer, and the reason of that is the lack of ABI description in C++ Standard. In this talk we will learn what is ABI and how C++ engineers live and work without ABI standardized.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Artem Lapitski. Using crash analysis systems


Application termination is a very unpleasant situation. It is even more unpleasant when it happens on user’s device where there is no possibility to launch a debugger and find a problem. Crash reporting and analysis systems and postmortem debugging techniques help to deal with such kind of situations. We will talk about existing crash analysis systems and their usage in C++ world.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Nicolai Grodzitski. Easy transfer from JSON to C++ structures and back


In C++ applications that are making use of JSON for some reasons there’s always a demand for data transformation from JSON into C++ structures and back. We will talk about one small header-only library that allows to make this routine piece of work easily (

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Yury Yafimachau. C++ unit testing best practices


Unit testing is an inherent part of a modern development process. In my talk I want to discuss how to develop C++ unit tests to maximize the profit for the project.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Yegor Kishilov. About Bing search engine and good programmers


I will talk about development of a Bing search engine and about how 5 thousand people from all over the world make web search better, about role and evolution of C++ inside Bing, about personal observations of best programmers I worked with.

CoreHard Autumn 2016. Svyatoslav Razmyslov. What was tested and what we found out while building a Linux version of PVS-Studio


Most programmers are not aware of what it takes to create PVS-Studio for Linux. Some think that most of work is to just port the code but it is far from the truth: it’s really easy to port the code, but it’s just 5% of work. The rest of work is hidden from the observer and is related to solving a lot of infrastructure questions. Let’s look at the kitchen of PVS-Studio development and find out interesting facts about their job.